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Fengshui evaluation for new home site and floor plan development

In Fengshui, there are several considerations to be taken into account when building a new house:

  • timing for best energies
  • topography of the lot
  • Fengshui energies of the environment
  • how the energies flow into the house
  • balanced Yin Yang…

Therefore, please plan ahead, by contacting us for the best in Fengshui.

Advanced Fengshui  will visit the site, revise the prospected floor plans, and suggest changes before a final decision is to be made.  We can buy a beautiful house; however, a Fengshui supporting house is a different aspect.

The house on the market, newly built or existing,  may not necessarily be compatible to the buyers.  Clients have said, “We were very happy, but everything fell apart not to long after moving into the new house”.

A supportive Fengshui energy for the owner is a vital element for a new house.