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Fengshui auditing and remedies

Fengshui energies in the living environment can be silently changed due to several factors until noticed  by some downturns in well-being of the tenants. Therefore, Fengshui auditing and remedies is necessary to restore the harmonies for family life.

This process will include the following steps, and will be performed at the site to be examined:

  • Compass reading
  • Studying the energies of the surrounding premises
  • Examining the Fengshui energy and its flow into the interior
  • Discussing with client about the treatments for harmonizing Fengshui of the environment with client’s “fengshui”

A Fengshui audit may take up to 2 hours to complete.

A Fengshui audit can also be performed  remotely in several occasions.Contact Advanced Fengshui for more details.