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Interpersonal harmonizing

Interpersonal harmony

Fengshui plays an invisible role in establishing harmony among people.

  • Subordinates are often unequally treated in the same workplace: favoritism
  • Siblings are unfairly treated in the same roof of family not because of their attitude or discipline.
  • Spousal couples see their matrimonial life disintegrated not long after marriage despite of their intimated love.
  • Businesses partners who put together a lot of skill and effort for research and planning , share the same vision, but cannot attain financial goal regardless of the highly demanded services in the field.

Those indications reveal the unforeseeable incompatibility of  Fengshui energies among bosses and coworkers, parents and their children, husband and wife, peers and business partners.

Advanced Fengshui  explores and matches each other to establish the interpersonal harmony for the enduring successes. We offer the following services:

Matching associates and arranging workplace

Skill, resources and business vision may not grant business profitability.

In any organization, human resources is vital. Individuals possess different characteristics (Fengshui) that if have not been reconciled  can restraint the productivity.

Supporting Fengshui for the working environment and among individuals bonds the individuals in the organization together, and promotes growth and stability. The best Football team is the one that demonstrates its good chemistry among players.

Advanced Fengshui finds the best matched associates in a business, and arranges the workplace for the best supporting environment that proves to be the key of successes.

Supporting fengshui in the workplace promotes a productive cooperation among workers, hence improves productivity.

Astrology dating and Family planning services

Love, by itself,  may not be enough to endure the whole family life.

A happy family needs another important ingredient, which in Fengshui, is harmony among every family member.  Besides having compatibility between a husband and wife, a supporting Fengshui between the couple and their residence is also inevitable to help sustain the family through the up-and-downs.

Advanced Fengshui will carefully analyze a personal date of birth using our special techniques to find a good astrology match for a client before they consider serious dating.

Advanced Fengshui will find the best time for a couple to have a baby who in turn will solidify the unity and happiness of the family as the whole. Furthermore,  in many circumstances, with Fengshui, the couple would not have to give up a dream of giving birth to their own baby unless there were some genetic obstructions, medical treatments or prior surgical procedures.

An individual, who was born at the right time and place, will have much success in many aspects of life.

All client’s personal information will be kept strictly confidential.