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When to Apply Fengshui

  • At the first sign of decline in well-being
  • When first exploring for s new home or business
  • Before a major home or business remodeling
  • Before entering a serious phase of dating
  • Before considering to have a baby

Make your Well-being your Priority

The primary characteristic of Fengshui can be found in the flow of positive energy (Chi) that surrounds us every day in our home or business. It varies from place to place and can be affected by complex periodic changes in the evolution of the universe, or in the simple interior arrangement of furniture and home remodeling.

The effect on people can be experienced in the increase or decrease in the feeling of harmony or the unity of life. The feelings of being in good health and abundant wealth are often times reported. Pets and indoor plants usually give us accurate early signals of well-being.

For this reason, home and business owners need to balance their premises at the first indication of decline in well-being. Similar to a gardener who adjusts the green house’s climate, and periodically waters and fertilizes to maximize plants’ healthy growth, home and business owners need to take extra care to assure the positive flow of energy within their premises.


Good care for beautiful result

Failure to notice the first sign of decline, as an early warning sign, can result in degraded health and prosperity, and the negative effects were cumulative.