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What is Fengshui

What is Fengshui?

Imagine watching the sunset on the lake.
What we see from above the water is the environment we are in. It is composed of mountains, water, trees, air, colors and light.
This characterizes the sunset and our feeling of sunset.

Then comes the night.
Our view changes, our feeling changes.
Our activities change.
The light turns darker and darker.
We feel sleepy, our mind and body slow down.
Everything around us submerges in dreams.
As the sunset characteristics change, everything in our environment will gradually phase into an inactive mood.

The world is not stopping and the sun will rise.
Our night dreams will cease and life begins to stir.
The dark turns purple then red, and light becomes brighter and brighter.
The air becomes hotter and hotter.
We are thinking about our new day, routines to follow, and events to handle.

The pictures are for the simple changes in a day. Our whole world – the universe, day and night, Spring to Winter – the changes once routined become more complicated and effects all apects of existence’s life.

Traditional Fengshui* originated in China around 2300 BCE. Its Wisdom arises from a systematic
observation of changes in our universe. When compiled into Tai Chi and Yin Yang principle* Fengshui
represents the harmonies and the eternal evolutions of the Yin Yang and the Five Elements *.

Yin is the darkness of night and Yang is the brightness of day, each taking turns in a closed cycle.
The Five Elements (agents) are Earth (mountain / ground). Water, Fire (hot in the air), Wood / Trees, and Metal
which make up the environmental characteristics.

Natural white light consists of the five elements that correspond to five visible colors, with ultra violet
for Yin, and infrared for Yang.

The elements, found in any existence, interact and transform in productive or destructive manner.

If Tai Chi evolutions form myriad of living beings in the nature, then the harmonies of five agents (elements)
in nature and every existence are vital for life and development. For example, a plant would not exist if
there were no flower and the seeds to start with, and it can only survive in a suitable environment.

The Yin Yang and Five Elements of the Celestial and Terrestrial energies generate the Fengshui of our
surroundings and effect our well-being.

Newly born humans inherit the Yin Yang and Five Elements in the energies from their parents, Earth and Heaven.
These components combined with the physical constitution define the Destiny and the characteristics of the
individual which is called personal Fengshui

Fengshui supports our Destiny. A person with a weak destiny can lean on the external force of Fengshui
to overcome obstacles and attain the desired goals; for example, a weak person can walk a long distance
in a pleasant environment with shade and a light breeze.

The harmony between the well balanced Fengshui of a dwelling and tenant’s Destiny is a main source
of success.

Fengshui is deeply rooted in the oriental culture. In Hong Kong, almost every construction project requires the
approval of a Fengshui advisor. Recently, some large enterprises around the world have begun to adopt Fengshui
practices in arranging their offices, such as the Trump Tower in New York City, Creative Artist Agency in California,
MGM in Las Vegas, and the Sydney Harbour Casino and Hotels in Australia.

Advanced Fengshui treatments have promoted success for individuals and local businesses in a
variety of cases:
– Increased profitability of a Hair Salon in Denver
– The happiness of a Korean couple with a long-waited first child
– Great successes for a realtor in Denver
– A young boy in Highlands Ranch cured from a chronic cough
– Increased clientele for two Acupuncture businesses
– Great success for a professional photographer in Denver
– Great success for several Nail salons
– The well-being for several individuals …