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Fengshui and Success

Why Fengshui?
Fengshui is the character of the environment and supports our life

– Different environments stimulate different life.

11 111 Example:

  In a natural environment, a Japanese white pine can grow up to 50 feet high, spread 20 feet around.

  However, in a bonsai pot, a 100 year old white pine reaches from 12 to 15 inches only !!

  The reason:  The weak Yin Yang of indoor environment, the media in the vase and a special treatment  for a bonsai will not allow this tree develop to its full size.

– An external force to lean on to reach an ultimate goal in an efficient manner.
– Solves issues that cannot be resolved in a Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer, Psychologist office.

Clients say:
“We were very happy for over 10 years. But we fell apart just few months after moving to this new
house”. (unsupportive environment)
“He didn’t do anything bad to me, but somehow I don’t like to see his face”. (incompatible
individual fengshui)
“I made a big mistake joining the crowd for a football celebration to topple and burn my
neighbor ‘s car” !!! (resonance or influenced in group fengshui)

By possessing a general idea about Fengshui, a different approach is explored to solve those issues.
For example: in exponential calculation, it is understood that 52  = 25 .

The successes of Fengshui
A balanced Fengshui environment can potentially increase success in the following areas:
For the Individual:

– Improves health, alertness, and energy
– Promotes good decision making
– Reduces anxiety and accidents
– Promotes self-confidence and feeling protected
– Stimulates motivation

Balanced Fengshui is beneficial to improving health
For Career or Business:

– Stimulates innovations
– Obtains promotions or good job opportunities
– Improves success in business
– Attains great achievements
– Increases wealth and good decision making

The environment influences our decision process. For example, we like ice cream and cold beer
in Summer.
The same decision made in different environment at different time will result different outcomes.
Making good decisions is a key for successes in business or career.
Balanced Fengshui promotes success and wealth.
For Family:

– Promotes and fosters harmonious family living and communicating
– Brings academic success for children
– Improves overall health for the whole family

Balanced Fengshui brings harmony to the whole family

For Social Life:

– Improving relationships, respect, and fame
– Attaining confidence, trust and help from others

Balanced Fengshui establishes a good rapport with people, and creates an enjoyable
social life.

Traditional Fengshui is neither superstition, nor myth, nor religion. It is a system of natural
principles that apply to everyone.

To reach a balanced Fengshui environment, Advanced Fengshui will:

– analyze the Fengshui of your home or office
– establish an advanced Geomantic Chart using a modern approach
– diagnose problems and recommend changes to suppress the malevolence, and restore benevolent energy to your property.

Advanced Fengshui

  • established and registered
  • ethical and affordable
  • FREE presentations available upon request for large studying group of audiences
  • NO commitment necessary
  • ALL information on audit of personal life and property is kept strictly confidential

Contact Advanced Fengshui for more details.
(Our Advanced Fengshui is well long established, registered, and differs from a new business
named “Advanced – Feng-shui” with hyphen that came later on the Web)

Chau Tran – Master of Traditional Fengshui
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