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Interpersonal Harmonizing

Interpersonal harmonizing

Fengshui is like a body of water or the atmosphere that nurtures all living things / existences in it. In a family or in a business, Fengshui plays a vital role.

The following are examples of unbalanced Fengshui energies seen in our life:

Selective unfair treatment for some subordinates in the workplace:  favoritism
Siblings are unequally treated in the same roof of family not because of their attitude or discipline.
Spousal couples see their matrimonial life disintegrated not long after marriage despite their love & passionate intimacy for one another.
Business partners who with combined skills and dedicated efforts & planning & shared vision cannot attain financial goals regardless of the high demand for their services & products.

These types of events reveal the unforeseeable incompatibility of Fengshui energies among boss and coworkers, parents and their children, husband and wife, peers and business partners.

The harmony needs to be restored by restoring the balance of Fengshui energies.

Advanced Fengshui explores the balancing of these energies by matching each other so that interpersonal harmony is established for enduring success.

Matching associates and arranging workplace

Skills, resources and business vision do not ensure business profitability and success.

In any organization, the right personnel is vital for success. Individuals possess different characteristics (Fengshui energies) that need to be reconciled and balanced to ensure productivity.

Supporting Fengshui for the work environment and among individuals bonds the individuals in the organization together, and promotes scalable growth and stability. The best Football team is the one that demonstrates its good chemistry among players. In an orchestra, musicians only play music at their best.

Advanced Fengshui finds the best way to harmonize associates in a business by arranging the workplace for the best supporting environment which is key to success and continued success. The rhythm and harmony in your business environment will allow all associates to perform their best like the musicians in the orchestra.

Astrology Dating and Family Planning

Why is Fengshui involved in family planning? The impact of Fengshui in family life may surprise you. Fengshui is involved in bringing couples together, harmonizing their living environment, and obtaining a healthy happy family and future. With fengshui expertise, a harmonious life can be yours

To explain:

  • Many couples end up divorced shortly after being wed regardless of how much they love each other.
    Because their personal fengshui are incompatible


    …It sounds dreamy


    … but not compatible!!

    and fengshui of their residence is not supportive.


    A supportive Fengshui is inevitable

    “Chicken and duck play together really well, but chicken cannot swim in the water !!!”
    “Water lily and mosses complement each other and beautify the pond, but water lily cannot grow on the rock.”

  • Individuals complain they are not lucky in the family, at work, or in society
    Reason: They were not born in the right place or at the right time
  • Clients have been on the verge of giving up on their expectation and hope of having a baby naturally or scientifically. After a consultation, they are very happy with a baby .
  • Clients lucky to have birthed a healthy baby, find their life afterward far different than they expected.
    When the harmony among family members or between tenants and environment is off balance, it needs to be restored.

Unhappy occurrences can be avoided with proper planning and living a Fengshui lifestyle. My Fengshui expertise provides:

  • Astrological matching of couples before they become serious in their dating relationship
  • Advice to married couples before having a baby

Couples with a harmonious family life will find success in many ways. Fengshui will help in obtaining the lifestyle you deserve.

Applying Fengshui is a simple and inexpensive method to restore harmony and balance.