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Astrology dating & family planning services

Astrology dating and Family planning services

Love, by itself,  may not be enough to endure the whole family life.

A happy family needs another important ingredient, which in Fengshui, is harmony among every family member.  Besides having compatibility between a husband and wife, a supporting Fengshui between the couple and their residence is also inevitable to help sustain the family through the up-and-downs.

Advanced Fengshui will carefully analyze a personal date of birth using our special techniques to find a good astrology match for a client before they consider serious dating.

Advanced Fengshui will find the best time for a couple to have a baby who in turn will solidify the unity and happiness of the family as the whole. Furthermore,  in many circumstances, with Fengshui, the couple would not have to give up a dream of giving birth to their own baby unless there were some genetic obstructions, medical treatments or prior surgical procedures.

An individual, who was born at the right time and place, will have much success in many aspects of life.

All client’s personal information will be kept strictly confidential.