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Advanced Fengshui

  • Implements a proprietary software application that synthetizes many concepts and principles of Traditional Fengshui such as I-ching, Four Pillars, Eight-House, Clear view,  Xuan Kong, and Three Primaries to explore Fengshui effectiveness, and capture the most favorable  energy for residence or business.
  • Harmonizes the home / office to suppress the malevolent energy between the property Fengshui and its owner.
  • Determines selection of the future home site.
  • Develops the auspicious floor plan for residence or business.
  • Arranges the workspace of a business to maximize growth.
  • Previews the landscaping to activate and maintain the auspiciousness of the dwelling.
  • Explores a modern and scientific approach to adapt the ancient wisdom of Traditional Fengshui to today’s living. Has been well established and registered, and totally differs from a new hyphenated name “Advanced – Feng – Shui”.

Advanced Fengshui promotes the wisdom of Traditional Fengshui to achieve and maintain modern day success.

Clients applying Advanced Fengshui treatments have harmonious lifestyles and living environments.